NYC Gareg Doors And Gates FAQ

NYC Garage Doors & Gates Repair FAQ

At NYC Garage Doors & Gates Repair our customer service and repair teams gathered common questions asked by our New York customers regarding garage door repairs, rolling gate repair, and installation. If you seek a garage door solution and have questions, but you couldn’t find the answers here, please contact us by phone or email and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Garage Door Repair
In most cases the noise is caused from older spring coils, pulleys, and hinges. This can be fixed with a spray on garage door lubricant across the top of each springs, pulleys, and hinges. If that doesn't quiet the door, call us for same day garage door repair service, and our technicians will adjust the door and fix the issue.
We repair all brands and all type of garage doors, if it is residential, commercial, and industrial garage doors.
Yes, replacing bottom, or the top panel of your garage door is possible in some cases. However, depending upon the damage involved, manufacturer,and the year of production. The best way to evaluate this issue, is to contact our us and our technician will help you make the right decision.
Yes we do, our 24/7 emergency ready to go team are working around the clock !
This indicates that the springs are broken. We highly recommend to stop using the door and contact our garage door repair team to avoid injuries and damaging the garage door

Garage Door Opener
This issue is very common. You need to check the safety eyes sensors are clean and align. If this not fixing the issue contact us and speak to expert for assistant.
There are two reason for this issue. First the travel set limit need to be adjust, or reset. Second issue is logic board error. In a case of logic board issue, we highly recommend to contact us, and have our technician examining and fix the issue.
We repair all type of garage door opener, if it is residential garage door opener or commercial garage door. Our garage door opener repair team are familiar will all brand of garage door opener like: Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlain, or Craftsman.
Removing the batteries from the remote for about 30 seconds,and try the remote. Second option change the battery. If the two option are not helping , contact us and our technician will be more then happy to assist you.
Yes, most keypad comes with a full guide sticker attached to the cover of the keypad, if you still having issue with the keypad, contact our office for help.

New Garage Door
Yes, we are able to order and customize garage doors in any size. Ask our garage door installation team about custom garage doors design and sizes.
An insulated garage door is made of two layers of steel with insulation in between each layer, energy savings. Insulated garage doors are quieter than non-insulated doors, more attractive, and resist dents and dings well.
An insulated garage door should last over 20 years
Each door material has its benefits. Fiberglass and Wood garage doors are preferred for their natural look. Steel and Aluminum garage doors are low maintenance. The choices are practically endless! To learn more ask our technician to see catalogs of garage doors from different material and looks.
Yes, all the brands and manufacturer we use for garage doors and openers provides warranty and guaranteeing for their products. In addition we offer warranty for every garage door repair or installation job we perform.

Rolling Gate Repair
Yes, we are open 24/7 weekends and holidays. Our rolling gate repair emergency team are always ready to go!
Check if your guide rail, gate post, or track is clean from icy snow. You can clean it with a broom, or brush. If it's still not helping, you can contact our office for intimidate service and our gate repair team will fix the problem.
Yes. we repair trucks rolling door of all sizes and models.
By adding some extra locks to the gate or if it is really necessary add some posts in front or behind the gate. If you not sure how to do it, contact our office for same day service.

Rolling Gate Opener
Ensure that your remote is in clear line of site when operated. Make sure that there is no other transmitter equipment in the area that could cause interference. Raising your receiver position can improve your remote range. Check the remote batteries. If non of the above helps contact us and we will examine the issue.
This is something to do with the gear system. It need to be check and adjust, or replace the cog. In this case we highly recommend to open the gate manually to prevent a bigger damage to the opener, and contact our rolling gate repair team.
Metal components will contract as the temperature drops, unless you are using grease intended for lower temperatures. Contract metal makes it harder for the gate to move and open since it requires more power. In this case we recommend to apply lower temperature grease and open the gate manually. And if the gate doesn't open, contact our office for immediate service and our repair team will get the gate functioning.

New Rolling Gate
All rolling gate installers and technicians are carrying products catalogs. Customers can get information by phone, or email us for products catalogs.
All repair services and quote are done at the same day !
Our gate installation team installing standard roll up gate in one labor day.
All rolling gate takes between 1 to 5 weeks to produce depending on the size of the gate.

If you have an emergency or need help with your garage door or rolling gate, call us now 347-474-6940 , and we will assist you immediately, as we are always on call 24 hours a day and would be happy to help you. You can also email us at any time to set up appointment and ask questions regarding new garage doors, or roll up gates.

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